Mr. Rogers has over 10 years of law enforcement experience. Mr. Rogers was a sergeant with many different types of responsibilities. He was responsible for the road officers at his past agency and was a "utility person." He was often "loaned" to other agencies to assist them in their covert investigations. In addition to his supervisory duties, Mr. Rogers was involved with different agencies in all types of criminal investigations, including undercover drug investigations, prostitution stings, gambling operations and homicides. Just a few examples of Mr. Rogers' training are as follows:

▪ North Carolina State Law Enforcement Instructor
▪ Law Enforcement Criminal Investigator
▪ Graduate of Police Law Institute
▪ The John E. Reid School on Street Crimes and Surveillance Techniques
▪ ATAC, Counter- terrorism Tier III for Western North Carolina
▪ Attended Gang Seminars
▪ State Certified Chemical Analyst
▪ First Line Supervision

Mr. Rogers had the largest drug seizure and stolen property recovery in the history of his previous agency. He is known for his tenacity and ability to investigate a case to a successful conclusion.

Mr. Larue has been married to his wife Anita since 1981. They have a who graduated from Tri-City Christian School, Catawba Valley Community College and Caldwell Community College, with a major in Physical Therapy.  They also have a son who graduated from Tabernacle Christian School and is currently attending North Carolina Wesleyan College in Rocky Mount as a Valedictorian scholar, pursuing a major in business Administration.

Mr. Larue received an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice and Protective Services in 1983. He became a certified law enforcement officer immediately upon graduation. He has worked in various law enforcement capacities until mid 2005 when he gave up his law enforcement certification in order to become involved in private investigations.

Positions held by Mr. Larue include:

▪ Police Officer
▪ Special Operations Team Member
▪ Sergeant, Special Operations Unit Supervisor
▪ Tactical Unit Supervisor
▪ Marine Unit Supervisor
▪ Honor Guard and Color Guard Supervisor
▪ Patrol Platoon Supervisor
▪ Special Police
▪ Chief of Police

Mr Larue has had the benefit of many hours of in-service training and certifications which have helped prepare him for private investigative work. Some of his professional training and accomplishments are as follows:

▪ Evidence Technician
▪ Criminal Investigation Training
▪ Community Relations Training
▪ Special Weapons & Tactical Training
▪ Use of Chemical Agents
▪ Officer Survival
▪ First Aid Training
▪ CPR Training
▪ Report Writing
▪ Police Supervision Training
▪ Boating Safety Training
▪ Wildlife Enforcement Training
▪ Basic Law Enforcement
▪ Breathalyzer Training
▪ Radar Certification
▪ Advanced Accident Investigation
▪ Co-authored a new Field Training Officer Manual
▪ Assistant Instructor for Field Training Officers and Tactical Officers

Larue & Rogers Investigations is extremely pleased to have  Albert Verbyla as their counterintelligence and computer forensics specialist.

Mr. Verbyla ha been in the electronic communications business since 1965 and was licensed in the counterintelligence service in 1990.  His experience and expertise include the invention of some very advanced devices being used in the counterintelligence field today.  This field is more commonly known as electronic eavesdropping detection or "bug sweeps." 

Mr. Verbyla advises that anyone can be the target of covert eavesdropping.  However, some individuals and businesses are at greater risk because of their occupation, financial position, legal or domestic situation.  He has performed professional sweeps for many high-profile clients over the years and is highly respected in the counterintelligence field.

John Larue and Larry Rogers were long time work associates and friends. They began in 2004 to envision a new private investigation firm. What would make their firm different from some of the others would be a strong work ethic and an firm belief that honest business practices make for satisfied clients. They noticed that during their law enforcement tenure, that many private criminal investigators were not very professional or impressive. They decided to take the extensive knowledge and abilities that both possess, and start a firm that they could both be proud to be associated with.

Clients dealing with John and Larry will find that they have a genuine concern for them and will go the extra mile to make the experience of dealing with a private investigator as pleasurable as possible. Unlike many private investigators, we strive to be responsive and reachable.

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